“Through the team spirit we will attain The Total Commitment and Synergy of our
industry for reaching the ultimate in performance; we will corroborate professionalism
in The Middle East and North Africa Travel Industry, and together we will make a True Difference”

                                                THE MISSION

To achieve excellence and eminent endurance in the industry global aspiration, through:

 Annually recognizing and rewarding real virtuosities and superior services in the Region.

 Encouraging even higher standards and applaud the exceptional effort made by so many of the Industry members.

 Stimulate the competition spirit to reach higher levels of brilliances, within the region.

 Motivate the cooperation and team work amongst the industry's various segments, develop value packages and better provide the end users with regional value added services.

2005 EVENT:
On May 5th, 2005, the last evening of the ATM “Arabian Travel Market” in Dubai UAE :-
It was a night of surprises and delights at the MENA Travel Awards as over 400 of the industry's leading Companies gathered at the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel to celebrate the winners of this prestigious awards event.

There were a total of 64 awards given out in 18 different categories that included
5 and 4 star hotels, airlines, spas (separately located or within hotels), golf clubs, car rental, duty free, conference & convention locations and tourism projects, These frontrunners, winners, have been virtuously selected by over 10,000 votes of the industry's end users, guests and clients. The glamorous evening included a reception, a four-course meal and excellent entertainment, in addition to the actual awards ceremony.

The online voting system this year had enabled over 26,000 end users and travel and trade agencies across the region the opportunity to let the region know who they think
are the best in the travel and hospitality Industry, further enhancing the value of the MENA Travel Awards as the professional's choice. More and more people now recognize the regional significance of achieving MENA Travel Award winner's status.

During this year's full evening of entertainment, where more than 600 top industry Leaders met at this spectacular gala dinner, the audience enjoyed an exquisite gala dinner as well as entertainment from "the musical Space Violin team" and high energy show of the "Laser Man".

The 2005 event was sponsored by Hyundai, Gulf Airl, PricewaterhouseCoopers, “ART” TV, TTN, Hotel Business Review Middle East, Rashid Printers, “Arab tourism Channel” TV, Intoegypt, Techno Pro, MRCO Egypt, Travel World And Asfour Crystal. The official Sponsorship was by ART TV.

The 2006 competition / RACE:
This event has been formed to annually celebrate the skills, creativity, ingenuity and triumph of the Middle East and North Africa 's growing travel industry, while honoring the successful entrants in each of the industry categories; and those who are considered to be the best in their specific sector.

The MENA Travel Awards 2005 “ Celebrate the Quality Champions Awards ” will be presented to, once again, recognize top industry organizations which have shown the extra mile success in the Middle East & North Africa's growing travel industry. This is no self-congratulatory exercise, or ‘best advertiser' award. It is a real opportunity to receive meaningful recognition from your guests, customers in the regional / international travel, and the hospitality industry.

The Awards are of great significance and, as such, demand proper measurement. The judges, as usual, will be the end-users and travel trade professionals, who will be asked to pay particular attention to the standards of the products they are evaluating. The final auditing of the Awards voting system will be carried out by Our Sponsoring Auditors Worldwide.

Throughout other regions it has been stated clearly that the “CHA” MENA Travel Awards are essential to the industry. The Travel Awards measure excellence. Hence, if your company has been in operation for at least the past twelve months, then you should enter the 2006 “ Celebrate the Quality Champions Awards ” now.

Being declared a finalist puts you up among the best in the industry. Being declared a winner (Platinum, Gold or Silver) is probably the highest honor the industry can grant.
The organizer, Consultants of Hospitality Administrators (CHA) would like to wish you the best of luck with your entries and every success for your business in the next year.

We look forward to celebrating the debut MENA Travel Awards “ Celebrate the Quality Champions Awards “with you at the Arabian Travel Market on May 4th 2006 in Dubai , UAE

Who Should Enter?

The MENA Travel Awards are for:
• Five and Four star Hotels/Resorts :- open to privately and internationally managed properties; any new property completed and operating (soft opening)
between January and April 2005 is eligible
• Airlines (Domestic & international)
• Spas (freestanding or in hotels)
• Golf courses (freestanding or in hotels)
• Car rental Companies (domestic and international)
• Duty free locations (airport or other)
• Conference & Convention Centers (attached or freestanding)
• Tourism projects (that are at least 50% in operation during the year 2005)

How to enter the 2006 Race:
Along with the entry form, your word-processed submission must be written,
in relation to the selected category, in English, using no more than 500 words
on plain white A4 paper and it should be as concise as possible, explaining WHY does your organization qualify for the selected category?

Judging Criteria
The judges will be a combination of YOUR end-users, guests, customers and trade professionals.

As an Official entrant, two days after the enrollment dead line and the receipt of your enrollment payment you will receive your specific company's “Electronic Voting Card” / website link, for the specific entered category, which you will distribute to your selected judges / end-users, guests and customers and trade professionals, for voting accordingly. Each entrant will be allowed a maximum of 150 voters per category entered. While you may send to more customers, only the FIRST 150 received votes will be accepted into the voting station.

The final consolidation will be carried out through the specially and professionally designed electronic program systems, which is audited, inspected, and evaluated by Our Sponsoring Auditors, Worldwide . Each entrant will have the right to attend and or audit the FINAL general results / the ranked finalist's points . (Top six nominees per category) and consequently the top three Award winners points.

Process of Points
The judging sources will rely on the entrant's own follow-up and follow through with their selected voting customers. The judges will be your selected combination of:
 Your immediate end-user guests / customers
 Your end-user travel trade professional (High volume Travel Agencies, Tour Operators....etc.)

To obtain points, your electronically submitted voting cards should provide
the following full information required:
 Completed voting cards from individual customers
 Completed voting cards from travel trade professionals (Registered and or AITA member)

The Electronic Voting cards will present to the voter a list of all of the given
category's entrants / candidates. Each voter MUST choose the top best 3 entrants
of his / her choice, in priority of preference, by selecting (in the specific boxes)
his / her 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of entrants accordingly. The category voting
results will represent the number of points allotted to that entrant / candidate
(One point per voting). Hence, each time a voter selects an entrant and submits,
the selected entrant will automatically / electronically receive one point. The electronically designed system will, then, maintain an accurate number of votes / points per entrant and per category. Consequently, the Data Base program will consolidate and rank the top six nominees for each of the categories based on the number of points (Votes) received. Each time a voter submits his or her card, the following entities will immediately receive a copy of the vote:

 The entrant (to keep track of their own votes and inventory of selected voters response)
 The CHA's Event administration (to monitor the voting progress)
 The Auditing Company (To inspect and evaluate the voting cards
   and its consistency / integrity)
 The website Data Base program (To Calculate and consolidate the received points of each    entrant, hence, identify and rank the entrants accordingly per category).

In order to assure the integrity of the voting system a random 20 calls per entrant
will be made to voting customers / travel trade professionals will be conducted,
hence, fair and balanced results are maintained.

Four weeks before the event evening, the Top six nominees, for each category, will be announced. Out of finalist six the top three winners (Platinum, Gold and Silver) will be determined by points count and they will receive the Award on May 5th Ceremony evening.

- Best 5-star Business / Corporate Hotel
- Best 4-star Business / Corporate Hotel
- Best 5-star Leisure Hotel
- Best 4-star Leisure Hotel
- Best Conference / Convention Hotel
- Best 5-Star new Hotel for the year 2005
- Best 4-Star new Hotel for the year 2005
- Best Environmental 5-star Hotel
- Best Environmental 4-star Hotel
- Best Price value Hotel
- Best Tourism project
- Best Conference / Convention center
- Best ME&NA airlines
- Best Car Rental – International brand
- Best Car Rental – Local brand
- Best Duty Free
- Best SPA
- Best Golf Club

Entry Fee
While each entrant may enter more than one category,
Each single category entry fee is: $ 200.00 USD
- Please complete an Entry Form and include it with your submission
- Your entry should be accompanied by an international bank draft,
OR swift transfer
- A receipted invoice will be issued immediately upon receipt of your entry fee
- Payment or payment proof (In USD Only) must accompany the award application - No discounts can be given for hotel group submissions

The closing date for entries is January 25th 2006 as voting will star on the
First of February 2005

“There is a need to recognize the significant contributions of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry”, Said Dr. Sam Saker, President of CHA the organizer and RVP of Renard International, “We would like to change the widely held perception or stereo type that the Five Star hotels in Middle East are equivalent, in service and product quality, to the Four Star hotels in Europe and North America” Said Dr. Saker “We have better Products and services in the region and WE ARE OUT TO PROVE IT” he added “We are also encouraging Hotels, Airlines, Rent Car Companies to work together towards enhancing the service in our region and GET AHEAD”.

The 2006 event Slogan is “ Celebrate the Quality Champions Awards” … and the CHA teams are estimating over 35,000 – 45,000 votes from the industry's end users / guests in the coming year's race for Excellence.

“While looking forward to the 2005 MENA travel awards winners of Platinum, Gold and Silver”, said Dr. Sam Saker, “the organizers Consultants of Hospitality Administrators (CHA) is proud of the region's dynamic spirit and the evenhanded end users assessments”.

Sign up for the 2006 Awards NOW

“ Celebrate the Quality Champions Awards ”

For further information please contact CHA / MENA Travel Awards:
Tel: +202 644 3621 Fax: +202 644 3616

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